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この Podcast では、IT と Microsoft 365 に焦点を当て、実際のストーリをご紹介します。
AvePoint チーフ ブランド オフィサーを務める Dux Raymond Sy をホストに迎え、トップ ビジネス リーダーや IT プロフェッショナルの方々に、現代のワークプレイスにおいて直面した困難について語っていただきます。

この Podcast で聞ける内容:

  • 同業者ならではの視点で、戦略構築における実体験に基づいたアドバイス
  • Microsoft 365 テクノロジーを活用したコラボレーションの最新動向を探るカジュアルな対談
  • 組織変革を実現するための、簡単かつ実践的な戦略のヒント

#ShiftHappens では、野心溢れる皆さんが組織のワークプレイスに変革を起こす場面で直面するであろう、プレーヤー・組織面のハードルや、予想外な展開に焦点を当てています。

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Podcast エピソード

season 5
Episode 5 03/31/2021 (30:00) Kevin Byrne

S5 E5: A Sunny Forecast for Cloud Governance at Bank of Hawaii

Learn why monitoring user access and content generation in the cloud is key to stronger compliance and security. Kevin Byrne, a senior vice president at Bank of Hawaii, will share his experience with these important efforts.

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C Laping Episode
Episode 4 03/17/2021 (35:54) Chris Laping

S5 E4: Giving IT Teams a Place to Nest at Red Robin

Make no mistake: Your IT employees are much more than a help desk. Author and IT executive leader Chris Laping explains how a popular restaurant chain worked to leverage and nurture this valuable human asset –– and why all companies will benefit from this approach.

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S Heinrich Episode
Episode 3 03/03/2021 (25 minutes) Shelly Heinrich

S5 E3: Evolving the Virtual Experience at Georgetown University

Discover how collaboration tools helped Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business enable successful online learning for its MBA students. Associate dean Shelly Heinrich also shares tips for taking recruitment efforts and alumni functions virtual.

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J Lush Episode 150x150
Episode 2 02/17/2021 (32 Min) Jeff Lush

S5 E2: Task Management with Microsoft Planner at Air University

Learn how Air University CIO Jeff Lush deployed Microsoft Planner to assign action-oriented tasks to his IT team. We discuss the effort’s positive impact on efficiency and teamwork.

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T Hannah Episode 150x150
Episode 1 02/03/2021 (34 Min) Tanya Hannah

S5 E1: Making Services Safer in King County, Wash

Find out how Tanya Hannah and the 15,000 employees of King County, Washington use Microsoft Teams and other tools to support remote work, online self-service and customer safety. Tanya will also discuss how recent pandemic pivots have long-term benefits for county operations and innovation.

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season 4
A Osunade Episode 150x150
Episode 6 01/13/2021 (36 Min) Abadesi Osunsade

S4 E6: Abadesi Osunsade on Advancing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry

Abadesi started the Hustle Crew to help organizations examine and overcome their biases to become higher performing and more inclusive. We talk about where the tech industry is doing well and where it still needs some work to foster more diversity.

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J Geeraerts Episode 150x150
Episode 5 01/06/2021 (33 Min) Jo Geeraerts

S4 E5: Tenant-to-Tenant Migration at Ordina with Jo Geeraerts

Jo lead a project team of 20 people to combine two M365 tenants with 2,000 users and 12 TB. Hear how they justified, executed, and measured the success of the project.

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D Hyatt J Gasper Episode 150x150
Episode 4 12/09/2020 (34 Min) Joe Gasper, Dewayne Hyatt

S4 E4: Microsoft Teams Adoption at UF IFAS with Joe Gasper and Dewayne Hyatt

Joe Gasper and Dewayne Hyatt have driven 5,600 miles across the state of Florida to work with 15 academic departments, 90 research centers and 67 county governments on their Teams adoption. Hear their strategies for connecting with users and why their Jurassic County project was a big hit.

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H Behm Episode 150x150
Episode 3 12/02/2020 (35 Min) Helen Behm

S4 E3: Employee Engagement with Microsoft 365 at Spinnaker Software with Helen Behm

Hear how Helen moved from spending most of her day pointing employees to information to empowering them to access it through a SharePoint intranet portal and Yammer. She brings a unique HR perspective that will benefit anyone working on modern workplace projects.

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D Lewis R Landis Episode 150x150
Episode 2 11/18/2020 (33 Min) Dan Lewis, Robb Landis

S4 E2: Service Modernization at City of Seattle with Dan Lewis and Robb Landis

We talk to Dan Lewis about his journey from Microsoft to the City of Seattle where he and Robb Landis accelerated their Microsoft 365 and Teams deployment across 39 departments from financial to fire and police.

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C Chan Episode 150x150
Episode 1 11/11/2020 (48 Min) Clarice Chan

S4 E1: Service Design at Department of Veterans Affairs with Clarice Chan

After careful consideration on whether she was living her “best product market fit,” Clarice Chan transitioned from a successful career at Microsoft to working as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Department of Veterans Affairs where she made an incredible impact to how Veterans communicate with the department.

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season 3
E Brown Episode 150x150
Episode 6 09/23/2020 (28 Min) Eric Brown

S3 E6: Office 365 at Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services with Eric Brown

Eric went from a career in law enforcement to driving digital transformation at FDACS. Hear how this agency has successfully adopted Teams, how they collaborate with other agencies that have separate tenants, and how he is thinking about cloud consolidation.

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Matt e 150x150
Episode 5 09/09/2020 (36 Min) Matt Ezold

S3 E5: Microsoft Teams “Triage” at Bala Consulting Engineering with Matt Ezold

Bala started on its Teams journey a month before COVID and had to accelerate adoption overnight. Learn how Matt handled the scramble, resulting Teams surge and why for him, digital transformation now is about consolidation and cleaning the environment.

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Steve 150x150
Episode 4 08/26/2020 (33 Min) Steve Novoselac

S3 E4: PowerBI, PowerPlatform at Trek Bikes with Steve Novoselac

"Big events cause big changes,” says Steve. Hear how Trek Bikes’s modern workplace has evolved over the last decade as a serial early adopter. Steve also dives into how the company has been successful with PowerBi and PowerPlatform.

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Vans 150x150
Episode 3 08/12/2020 (37 Min) Vanessa Williams

S3 E3: Scaling Office 365 at the State of Indiana with Vanessa Williams

Vanessa and a team of two are supporting 100 agencies and 36,000 users within a central Office 365 tenant. Learn how she prepped the migration, is looking to scale support and thinks about crucial concepts like guest access.

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Matts 150x150
Episode 2 07/29/2020 (30 Min) Matt Pugh

S3 E2: Microsoft Teams Adoption at McLean Bible Church with Matt Pugh

IT Director Matt Pugh talks about the “mega-church’s” journey to adopting Teams and private channels for mobilizing volunteers and coordinating the humanitarian response to COVID-19.

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David Kellermann 150x150
Episode 1 07/15/2020 (58 Min) Dr. David Kellermann

S3 E1: Office 365 in the UNSW Classroom with Dr. David Kellermann

Hear how Dr. Kellerman created such an impressive “relentlessly collaborative” environment across Teams and Office 365 that he found himself presenting to Satya Nadella and on the keynote stage for Inspire. His experiences and lessons learned are relevant for every type of organization thinking about knowledge management.

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season 2
Jakob 150x150
Episode 7 06/17/2020 (22 Min) Jakob Knutsson

S2 E7: Azure + DevOps at H&M with Jakob Knutsson

Jakob is the lead cloud architect at H&M, and his team is helping the global retailer innovate faster with the power of the cloud. Hear how his team has helped scale 100 devops projects in 3 months at H&M and making the shift to a cloud first mindset.

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J Godderz Episode 150x150
Episode 6 06/03/2020 (27 Min) Jeff Godderz

S2 E6: Rapid Microsoft Teams Deployment at METC with Jeff Godderz

Jeff was able to move his local government entity to the cloud and into Microsoft Teams right before the COVID pandemic. He talks about the challenges they are tackling around adoption, records, first-line workers and more!

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Foster 150x150
Episode 5 05/20/2020 (44 Min) Rob Foster

S2 E5: Office 365 “as a Service” at Deloitte with Rob Foster

Rob discusses how Deloitte manages the pace of change, creates accountability through charge-back models, and his teams’ best practices for overseeing a large, advanced deployment of Office 365.

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Jamie2 150x150
Episode 4 05/06/2020 (1 Min) Jaime LaPorte

S2 E4: Microsoft Teams at Global Franchise Food Chain with Jaime LaPorte

Jamie played a key role in helping one of the largest companies in the world adopt Microsoft Teams. Hear the strategies that worked, the challenges she faced, and the insights she developed from user engagement.

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Shifthappensagain 150x150
Episode 3 04/22/2020 (36 Min) Vincent Moreau

S2 E3: Office 365 for First Line Workers at Belgian Police with Vincent Moreau

In 2015, Vincent and his team realized that terrorists and criminals had access to mobile technology and cloud tools so their police force should too. Listen to his story of how he successfully implemented Office 365 and how officers are using Yammer and Teams to actually catch criminals faster.

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C Punch Episode 150x150
Episode 2 04/15/2020 (41 Min) Christy Punch

S2 E2: Modern Intranets at Wells Fargo with Christy Punch

Christy has been leading the shift from a SharePoint 2010 based intranet to a modern portal with a .Net architecture with microservices leveraging SharePoint 2016. Hear the insights she derived from a year-long user research and prototype project as well as the innovative solutions that derived from that process that are currently driving company culture. Note: this was recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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K Puttaswamy Episode 150x150
Episode 1 04/01/2020 (9 Min) Keshav Puttaswamy

S2 E1: Seamless Teamwork at Microsoft with Keshav Puttaswamy

Ever wonder how Microsoft manages its own modern workplace?. Keshav shares insights on his “seamless teamwork” framework, the move from Skype to Teams, compliant collaboration, preparing to support 50,000 employees to work from home and more!

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season 1
C Poulsen Episode 150x150
Episode 6 02/19/2020 (37 Min) Christine Poulsen

S1 E6: Managing MSFT Teams at ISS Sweden with Christine Poulsen

Christine has been on a two year O365 migration and adoption journey at the Swedish division of the 10 billion dollar company ISS Facility Services. Hear about how she has shut the door on the old ways of working while still supporting the business and tracking adoption progress.

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R Garcia Episode 150x150
Episode 5 02/11/2020 (34 Min) Rick Garcia

S1 E5: SharePoint Migration at United Airlines with Rick Garcia

Rick Garcia went from being a 7th grade teacher to leading one of the largest and most successful SharePoint migrations. Hear about how United Airlines has approached their SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 migration--a move that involves 45,000 SharePoint users, 10 Terabytes of data, customizations, and moving data centers to boot!

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SH Pod J Wood Episode 150x150
Episode 4 02/04/2020 (30 Min) Jeremy Wood

S1 E4: Teams Adoption at Millennium Challenge Corporation with Jeremy Wood

Jeremy has been leading his young government agency's Teams pilot program. Hear about what it takes to roll out Teams in the GCC in a regulated environment and how this effort has lead to a significant reduction in emails.

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SH Pod B Goodman 150x150
Episode 3 01/23/2020 (30 Min) Becky Goodman

S1 E3: Office 365 Adoption at Major Grocer with Becky Goodman

Becky Goodman cut her teeth on SharePoint 2010 and now she's leading the charge to promote adoption of Office 365 to more than 200,000 users. Hear how she is managing change, looking at new training paradigms and putting forth a "usability first" mindset.

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SH Pod J Flesch 150x150
Episode 2 01/23/2020 (31 Min) Jes Flesch

S1 E2: Office 365 Transformation at FedEx with Jes Flesch

FedEx has undergone a major Office 365 transformation having moved more than 261,000 users to the platform. Hear how Jes helped keep the migration on track, roots out the ROT in her environment, handles licensing and supports collaboration across 220 different countries.

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S Saini Graphic 150x150
Episode 1 01/23/2020 (44 Min) Samit Saini

S1 E1: Power Platform at Heathrow Airport with Samit Saini

Samit Saini joined the security team at Heathrow at 16 years old, straight from high school. Hear about how he discovered PowerPlatform and brought major changes to how Heathrow approaches app development leading to more than $792K in savings.

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