Microsoft 365 has the perfect tool for any enterprise collaboration scenario, but with so many options it can confuse users and admins alike.

Two Microsoft MVP/Regional Directors, Dux Raymond Sy and Christian Buckley, will provide a birds eye view of the Microsoft 365 collaboration landscape before diving in to show you how to effectively structure and help enable your organization to leverage the inner loop (Teams) and outer loop (Yammer).

AND we’ll show you the key to understanding how it's all connected and how it really works: Microsoft 365 Groups. There are more than 20 ways to create a Group, and we’ll show you how that can impact your collaboration personally and organization-wide.

Finally, we’ll cover the best practices for managing access to documents and workspaces so that your collaboration doesn’t become an overshare.

Start your new year off right and keep your resolution to deepen your understanding of the nuances of Microsoft 365 collaboration!