Even in chaotic times, change can be good.

Leaders who embrace the possible (and sometimes the uncomfortable) are poised to take digital transformation to the next level. Digital collaboration and modern workplace solutions such as Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint can help deliver these visions.

This is when #ShiftHappens

But making big plans creates big questions:

  • How do I make a strong case for change?
  • What processes should be modernized?
  • What are the latest tools to empower my staff and customers?
  • How could collaboration solutions impact our culture?
  • How do I design workflows that are flexible and future-proof?
  • Can I really handle this on my own?

Don’t worry. Your roadmap needn’t be a solo journey.

Look no further than #ShiftHappens for insights, conversations, podcasts and virtual events to discover insanely actionable Microsoft 365 workplace strategies. And, of course, to share your own.

#ShiftHappens is a community built by AvePoint for modern workplace professionals to connect and share their big wins – and surprise hurdles – in their digital transformation plans. Grow and evolve your approach by connecting with Dux Raymond Sy, the Chief Brand Officer at AvePoint, and a diverse group of top business and IT leaders eager to give firsthand advice.

After all, looking ahead means looking to each other with compassionate collaboration that transcends industries, job titles and geography. Let’s shift!